Thursday, November 1, 2012

My "A HA" Moment
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The other day my husband and I were walking and having a chance to talk~


If you are a parent, or around children often, you know how precious that time is!   LOL :) We were talking about our kids, our jobs, church, etc. After listening to something the day before, I had taken the time to reflect on who I was and who I wanted to be remembered as…
I think many of us do this from time to time.

I had a confession… I am NOT all about fitness!

WAIT... HOLD UP!!  It's crazy, I know!

I workout daily, I eat well ~most days ;) ~, I hold Challenges so that other people can stay motivated on their own fitness journey. So~ what is my deal?!?!
I am not all about fitness, but I LOVE ENCOURAGING PEOPLE!!! 100%, HANDS DOWN~I love being the cheerleader. I love celebrating what society might deem as small moments, because, honestly, those small moments are the ones that build GIGANTIC ones!
I also love the Lord with all my heart! I truly desire to not only serve Him in my daily life, but to share His precious love and gift with others knowing how His Word, His presence is LIFE!!!

One amazing thing about my journey with Beachbody Coaching is that I get to choose my team: what it looks like, how we inspire and train each other. I want a team built on the foundation of Jesus Christ & His Living Word! One FULL of the fruit of His Spirit~ love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. One where we can share our joys and our struggles, knowing that there is someone on the other side of the computer or phone ready to encourage, or support you, offer you a scripture, pray with you.
So I’m asking for you to prayerfully consider joining my team~ Team Zoe. It is not for everyone, I totally understand that. That is why I ask you to pray. I know how much you already have on your plate and everything you are doing is AMAZING!! I want what is right for you, your family, your time, etc.  I will not push you ~feel free to send your friends my way if you don't want to sign up ;)  ~ But, If you LOVE encouraging other people (as I know you do), if you have or are on your own fitness journey or just want to start a journey (as I know you are or hope to be on one), if you want to make some great money, earn great trips and prizes (who doesn't) then Beachbody is the perfect company for you to be a part of!! The workouts, the trainers, the nutrition and meal replacement shake are hands down the best on the market!!
Beachbody has been instrumental in my life in so many ways… it gave me a way to help out financially, it allowed me to stay home with my children and spend more time with my family instead of working out of the house, it’s programs (nutrition, schedule, dvds, trainers) along w/ my determination got me into the best shape of my life, and it’s coaches had encouraged & supported & believed in me the way I want to for others.
And if you want to be a part of a team, family, group that will encourage you, support you, and pray with you then my team of coaches, Team Zoe, is the perfect place for you to join! :)
I would love to know what you liked best and set up a time to actually talk to you about what this opportunity looks like, how exactly one is a coach and how it would fit into your schedule!
send me a note on here, check me out on facebook:!/HeatherKraft777
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