Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Okay, so it has taken me a month to post my son's FIRST birthday, but it's on here! Roo is now ONE! The year has flown. I still remember in vivid detail the day of his birth. I was and still am so thrilled that God blessed us, entrusted us with another son. My cup runs over.

I just want to write this to always remember where he is right now at one. He is walking, climbing, running everywhere. I turn around and he is on a kitchen chair~ no wait~ the table! Or when we are in the bathroom, he's on the toilet. Or in the girl's room, he's on Berry's bed or the window sill or trying to climb up the ladder. AYE, AYE, AYE! But, I will admit that I love it. All of my children have been very active. I don't know what I would do w/ a less active child. Rest a bit, I guess.

He's starting to say words now. He knows that saying MaMa gets him something, so I don't know if he knows that it is just for me or that it is something he says when he wants lovin'. He says "bir" for bird. He says "peez" for please. And he uses that often b/c that, too, will get him something he wants. The hard part is when he wants it and no one is available to get it for him. He used to say "uh oh" I am not sure where that saying went. That's about it on the sayings. He knows who the family members are and will look around for them if he can't find them. He does use a lot of grunts and baas and other sounds that aren't actual words, but he is saying something.

I love when he puts his head on your shoulder when a new person comes by. He just wants a little reassurance for about 2 seconds, then he's off to smiling again. We were are Target and he was right near where 2 isles were perpendicular to each other. A woman and her son walked by and she smiled and waved to Roo. He ran away smiling. Then he had to turn around and peek around the corner again to see if she was looking. It was so adorable!

He loves popsicles and ice cream. He doesn't get it often b/c we try to eat as healthy as we can around here, but when he does... oh man, you had better make sure you finish yours before he finishes his b/c if you don't he will be after yours until you give him some. And, when it is gone he is beside himself!

I am so thankful to have Roo in my life. For so long I rejected the idea of having a fourth and I feel so bad about that b/c I could not imagine my life without my Scooby Drew, Roo, Cock a doodle Drew (the nicknames are many) in it. My greatest desire is for him to know personally my precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! To be used MIGHTLY for His Kingdom's Glory!
Happy Birthday my little Roo!!!