Wednesday, June 27, 2007


There are many days that I NEED to reflect on ALL the wonderful things God has done for me. Not that He is, in any way, slacking in the blessings department. We were reading in Pslams about how we should forget not His benefits.- which are far greater than any I could offer. My husband came home from out of town and I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to see him and then once he walked in it was life as usual- someone needed something, someone was crying, diapers needed changing, dog and bird needed feeding, etc. I didn't get that grand reunion I wanted. I was bummed. I went to bed feeling slightly rejected, although it was nothing he could really avoid. I prayed, cried out really, to God that my husband would offer more to me than a peck. Sometimes with the busyness of life, that is what we have time for. I hate that (it's not just him, but me too). Anyway... and sure enough, he came in so affectionate and loving- wonderful! That got me thinking about all the other ways God hears my prayers, my cries, my offerings. The times that we didn't have enough money to tithe to the church or get groceries and how we decided to tithe anyway. That week we were invited to so many dinners at peoples' homes. It was awesome! I thought of when William, my 2nd born, was having a hard time breathing- very scary- and how there were three physical bodies in the bathroom w/ the steam coming from the shower, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a fourth presence was with us. A very large, calming presence was with us hugging us as we prayed! I think of all the ways God made it possibe for me to move from my home state to one 750 miles away. The doors He opened were amazing. I think of the wonderful friends He gave me, from my old state to the one I am in now. I think of how many times His angels protected us. There was a time I was driving down the road and felt prompted to thank God for His angels and that the Bible says they protect us and sure enough, seconds later, we just missed getting hit by a car who pulled into traffic w/o looking to see we were there. I think of the times when I really didn't know where I was going and how the Holy Spirit directed me, and I knew the exact way to go. I think of the times when the kids ate berries from outside or touched something awful, nasty, germy or really could have hurt themselves a lot worse and how we didn't see the worst of it b/c God had already taken care of it. There are so many things we don't see b/c He is constantly at work in our lives. THANK YOU MY GOD THAT YOU LOVE ME ENOUGH TO CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE! What a MIGHTY God we serve! I feel like I could go on and on. Sometimes we really need to just stop and remember the way He has blessed us so tremendously! It really will blow you away!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have to say that my most favorite dreams are the ones when I am sharing the LOVE of God to those who do not know Him. Also, the dreams where His power is at work to DEFEAT the devil. I wake up with praise songs on my lips, knowing that I am here on Earth with a purpose to tell others about Jesus. Not just the amazing Man He is, but the fact that He LOVES them- unconditionally! It still amazes me!!! MMM, MMM, MMM. It's awesome! :) To any and all that visit this post... do you know my Savior? Because, HE LOVES YOU!!!

What am I getting myself into?

Okay! Here I go. My first blog. How long will this last? Once I told my husband that I am 80% girl. How can we be married for almost 10 years and him just finding out that I am only 80% female. THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT! What I meant was it was like a made up name- cape boy or bracelet girl or something silly like that. Being "80% girl" means that I finish things to 80% and them I am burnt out and done. Is this a quailty I love about myself- obviously not. Should I be sharing it in my first blog instead of painting myself as this super fun, having it all together type person- maybe not. That's where the From Glory to Glory comes in. When thinking about a blog I wanted to come up w/ a title that was something cute or catchy or witty at best. I thought of calling it A Work in Progress, b/c that is what I am. But, then I thought about my Lord and how much He loves me and how He changes me and moves me from Glory to Glory. So, here I am! :)